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Disaster Prevention and Environmental Conservation

Shin-Meishin Expressway construction
Hara Hagiya west tunnel construction

・Revegetation Works
・Temporary Anchoring Works
・Riverbank and Shoreline Embankment Protection
・Slope Stabilization and Vegetation Works
・Slope Protection
・Landslide Mitigation Works
・Rock Slope Failure Prevention
・Ground Anchors and Anchored Systems
・Retaining Walls Construction
・Structural Diagnostics

  • Landslide Protection Works Ground Anchor
  • Slope Protection Vegetation and Ground Anchor
  • Slope Protection Shotcrete Frame Works


Urban Regeneration

Ground Improvement (Deep Range)Mechanical Mixing

・Ground Improvement
・Retrofitting and Foundation Strengthening
・Industrial Waste Recycling
・Waste Disposal Site Foundation Stabilization
・Anchoring for Structural Stability
・Liquefaction Mitigation Measures

  • Ground Improvement Chemical Grouting
  • Liquification Prevention Measure Expacker-N Method
  • Ground Improvement (shallow - middle Range)Mechanical Mixing (Power Blender Method)


Maintenance and Renovation

Slope Reinforcement (Shotcrete) New-ReSP Method

・Slope Reinforcement
・Assessment and Analysis of Concrete Structures
・Upgrading Concrete Structures
・Rock Slope Evaluation
・Strengthening Existing Structures
・Structural Repairs and Retrofitting

  • Bridge Maintenance Floor Slab Repairing
  • Structural Improvement of Tunnel Back-filling Injection
  • Structural Improvement of Revetment Slope Back-filling Injection (Parfait Grout method)



Pipe Jacking

・Civil Engineering
・Construction Consultants
・Survey, Geological Survey and Design
・Shield, Pipe Jacking
・Applied Engineering

  • Shield Tunneling
  • Highway Project Excavation, Slope Protection, Road Work
  • Dam Consolidation Grouting

Technology Details