Ground Anchor Test/Tension management system


Anchor tensioning and anchoring operations, and various anchor tests (Lift-off test, Investigation, Qualification test, Confirmation test, etc.)

Main features

Rate of loading / unloading is automatically controlled.
The load-displacement data is acquired continuously (1, 2, 5, 10, 60 second intervals), thus the graph will be a smooth curve, allowing accurately diagnose anchor condition.

The jack is remote controlled by touch panel.
Movement of the jack (upward,downward,steady) is Controlled easily and reliably by button operation on touch panel.

Displays the load-displacement curve in real time.
Monitors the jack load and anchor head displacement in real time and displays the load-displacement curve.

Automatically acquires and saves jack load and anchor head displacement data.
Acquiring load and displacement data at intervals of 0.5 to 5 seconds, allowing lift-off load data is taken in accurately.

Able to control up to 5 jacks simultaneously.
Up to 5 anchors can be controlled at the same time, making it possible to load evenly across the area.

*This is an automatic measuring system which applicable for various tests in accordance with “Ground Anchor Design and Construction Standard and Explanations” (JGS4101-2012)