Nittoc’s power to build the future

The everyday world of the future will require more than everyday technologies.

Have you ever considered the everyday things around you?
The foundations of our key infrastructure, such as for water from a faucet when you need it or electricity at the flip of a switch, did not simply pop out of nature.

Our everyday world—encompassing the roads and bridges enabling large-scale distribution, the dams and power grid supplying electricity, and the water and sewer systems providing our drinking water and handling rainwater—is realized through construction technologies, as well as all the related people working in the construction industry.
As a group of professionals with a wealth of experience and accomplishments in special-purpose civil engineering fields, Nittoc helps create our collective future based on its technological capabilities and the trust it has earned over the years.


Building the social infrastructure of the future

With a focus on specialized and special-purpose construction, Nittoc helps to improve all aspects of our social infrastructure. By supporting progress throughout society, it helps us all live in safety and comfort.


Comprehensive service provision through an extensive track record and teams of experts

We leverage the diverse knowhow and skills of experts in fields ranging from geology through civil engineering to deliver comprehensive services covering from planning to execution, including construction, maintenance, and management.


Toward a sustainable future

We strive to create safer and more comfortable living spaces by supplying innovative, sustainable solutions to deal with the diverse issues facing society, such as mobility, the environment, and disaster risk.

By pursuing business focused on social infrastructure development, we continue to support daily living and contribute to the everyday world of the future.


Shin-Meishin Expressway Harahagitani Tunnel West Project


Future of Social Infrastructure

Social infrastructure development

Nittoc Construction supports improvements in the safety and resilience of social infrastructure by contributing to domestic and international infrastructure projects through high-quality construction and maintenance. Our emphasis is on using specialized knowledge in the fields of mobility, water resources, and urban infrastructure to contribute to local communities.


Future of Electricity

Sustainable infrastructure development

Nittoc Construction has continued to support the stable supply of electricity since its founding as a specialist in hydroelectric dam foundations. Today, our technologies are in use in wide-ranging fields, including for foundations of sustainable energy facilities, pylons, and other power transmission equipment in mountainous regions, as well as seismic retrofitting of existing facilities.

Aso Ohashi Bridge District Slope Stabilization Project


Future of safe and secure living

Disaster recovery and prevention

In addition to restoring the social infrastructure damaged by natural disasters, which grow more severe every year, we contribute to national resiliency by preventing future damage. We deliver value to communities by helping them achieve sustainable urban environments.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple Main Hall (national treasure) Environmental Protection Project (disaster recovery)


Future of Cultural Heritage

Environmental and historical conservation

Nittoc Construction helps maintain our rich cultural heritage not only through efforts to preserve and protect cultural properties and historic structures from natural disasters, but through measures that ameliorate their impact on the landscape and environment. We apply our expert knowhow in foundation work and slope faces to safeguard cultural value, ensuring it can be passed down to future generations.