New-ReSP method

The construction technology for the repairing and structural improvement of the surface of aging shotcrete slopes.

General Description

Generally countermeasures for shotcreted deterioration slopes is done by chipping off existing concrete, then mortar or concrete is sprayed. This method have several problems such as a large scaled temporary construction is needed , discharge a lot of industrial waste and weathered bedrock is difficult for shaping etc.
New-ReSP is the solution for these problems.
New-ReSP is the method that efficiently reinforces existing shotcrete slopes without chipping off existing concrete by combining elements of technologies.


Only a simple guard fence is needed because the construction is unnecessary of chipping off existing shotcreted concrete and shaping the weathering natural ground.
A countermeasure pattern is selected depend on area of weathering.
High performance of countermeasures slope is recovered by spraying fiber reinforced mortar

Fiber reinforced mortar
BC fiber developed for exclusive use of spray is used for the fiber reinforcement mortar shotcrete. By adding 1Vol% of "BC fiber" to mortar, high toughness is showed; prevent crack expansion and flaking.

The construction by the general spraying method "the wet spraying method" is possible.