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Basic Policy of Information Disclosure

We, in accordance with timely disclosure rules and regulations stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations as well as the Tokyo Stock Exchange, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, make the disclosure of information which is transparency, timeliness and fairness.Also, with regard to not applicable to information on laws and regulations and timely disclosure rules, etc., and strive to actively disclose information, and try to communicate with widely stakeholders, as an accountability company. It should be noted that, with regard to disclosure is required events that are based on timely disclosure rules, and until the disclosure based on the timely disclosure rules, so we will refrain to reply comments or questions, please understand.

Disclosure Methods

Information corresponding to the timely disclosure rules will be disclosed by the registration of the "timely information disclosure operational system (TDnet)" operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, with regard to information corresponding to the timely disclosure rules, we will publish as soon as possible also through our website and the media.Other, if you want to disclose information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules, through our website and media, fairly the information as much as possible to be transmitted.

Future forecast

Company, in the information to be disclosed, which may contain a description of the performance prediction and future prospects, these data are based on information available at the time of publication of our and the determined predicted or forecast. It is included in the uncertainty.Is obeyed, in a variety of factors such as changes in economic conditions and market trends, stated earnings forecasts and future prospects, please note that the actual results may differ.


Information we disclosed, the Company's business content as part of IR activities, management policy, is intended to be presented as intended to assist our understanding of such financial information is not intended for the purpose of soliciting investment or the like.In addition, the Company, but we pay close attention to the information that is posted on the home page, falsification of data by the error or a third party of the listed information, in regard failure or the like caused by the download of information is, We do not assume any responsibility, please understand.