Technology Information

Applicable cavity, void filling method for maintenance and repair of various structures.

Parfait grout method

  • Cross section repair of headrace tunnel

    Cross section repair of
    headrace tunnel

  • River revetment

    River revetment

  • The back-filling grouting of the road tunnel

    The back-filling grouting of
    the road tunnel


Cavity, void filling
Roads, railways and waterways such as tunnel (especially small cross section and long-distance) lining the back
Structures (dam, dyke, abutment pier, box culvert, etc.) foundation
Quay extrados and bank protection (Soil draw-out prevention and scour suppression)
Back of mortar spray slope surface
Opening cracks in the bedrock

Grouting of ground anchor

Buried pipe (water pipe/sluice pipe)
Coal mine, tunnel, etc.

Scope of application

Required Strength 1.5-24N/mm2

Filling target
Size: width 1cm or more cavities, interspaces
Condition: Limited to in air, in water (spring water, perched groundwater (pool), still water (no flow))

High effect is expected as following.
Water-side construction concerned water contamination.
Repair of the structure needing high strength
Cavity filling for long distance tunnel (Long-distance pumping record : more than 1000m)

Main features

Parfait grout method is NITTOC CONSTRUCTION's original repair/reinforcement method that combined with the cement filler " parfait grout" and the equipment "parfait plant".

Main features of Parfait grout

Main features of Parfait grout
Excellent in non-shrinkage
Various compunds

4 types of composition satisfy with various demand; No.1 (Long distance), No.2 (Lightweight), No.3 (High strength), No.4 (Air-mortar). Grout composition is flexible according to the condition or situation.

Main features of Parfait Plant
Adopting inline mixing system
Automation control system of injection volume and pressure by a computer.(COGMA-System)