Technology Information

Ground Anchor Test/Tension management system



Work on tension of anchors and test on various types of anchors tests(Lift-off test, Investigation, Qualification test, Confirmation test, etc.)

Main features

According to set points, the rate of loading / unloading speed is automatically controlled.
Diagnose for soundness of anchors accurately because the graph constitute smooth curve that load-displacement data is taken continuously (1, 2, 5, 10, 60 second interval).

The jack is remote controlled by touch panel.
Movement of the jack (upward,downward,steady) is operated easily and surely by button operation on touch panel.

The load-displacement curve is displayed in real time
The monitoring displacement amount of head of anchor and loading of jack in real time, then the load-displacement curve is displayed.

Automatically acquire and conservation of data for loading jack and displacement amount of head of anchor.
Understanding lift-off loading surely from acquire loading and displacement data taken by interval of 0.5-5 seconds.

Up to five jacks are controlled simultaneously.
Up to five anchors are controlled simultaneously and they are possible to evenly load in entire region.

*Automatic measuring system which applicable for various tests conform to Ground Anchor Design and Construction Standard, and Explanations(JGS4101-2012)