Technology Information

The slope stabilization method of the environmental conservation model using “Continuous fiber reinforcement soil”.

Geofiber method

  • 連続繊維補強土の築造状況
  • 施工前
  • 施工後


General Description

Protecting slopes by continuous fiber reinforcement soil layer instead of traditional concrete structure.
The construction method using continuous fiber reinforcement soil formed thick earth structure on slopes by jetting out/mixing sand and continuous fiber (polyester) with water jet. The ground reinforcing method increases resistance for natural ground itself by inserting the steel rod together with integrated continuous fiber reinforcement soil and natural ground. Planting works conduct on surface of continuous fiber reinforces soil and form high quality vegetation environment such as development of growth of trees.

General Description


Mainly apply to excavation slope for erosion/weathering control, surface layer collapse and unstable condition slope only done by planting works. Highly effective in slope aim for landscaping and forming vegetation environment such as points of embankment decking, landscaping mortar face/anchor pressure plate and preserving existing trees.
For vegetation, form diverse plant community after the construction.

Main features

  • The environment conservation measure is possible during natural ground reinforcement.
  • Make the best use of existing trees certainly the development of thick growth of trees.
  • An effect is equivalent to a traditional block retaining wall and a shotcrete frame.


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