Technology Information

Low cost, High efficiency for Liquefaction prevention, Ground improvement method

Expacker-N method

General Description

Liquefaction preventing injection method that improves ground speedy without making effect for surrounding establishment structures, achieved by specialized grouting tube that can deliver injection materials fast and wide range.

Fast improvement is achieved by high capacity and efficient permeation grouting.

Column permeation grouting”, applied in this method, is specialized method to inject chemical agents from space assured by Geo-bag" attached on grouting tube. "Geofilter-N", attached between each "geo-bag", prevents collapse of pore wall and ensures the space for seamless injection.

General Description


Liquefaction countermeasure of sand foundation
Earthquake resistance of establishment structure
Durable cutoff countermeasure

Scope of application

Soil condition of application
Standard applicable ground: Sandy ground Fine fraction content
Limit applicable ground: Sandy ground Fine fraction content around Fc=40%
Improved depth: Applicable for around 50m (It has 20m actual results)

Main features

Fast development of improved soil pile
Low pressure injection from inner pipe (triple packer) provides 3m diameter of improved pile swiftly.

Efficient work, shorter schedule
Speedy and effective injection spreads wide area and provides high yield improvement.

Securement of clear point for injection
"Soil packer" and hole collapse prevention mat "Geo-filter-N" keeps secure column space for grouting, makes seamless injection.

No effect on surrounding establishment structures
High porous durable grout agent makes no effect of ground settlement for surrounding establishments; they can work as usual.

Decrease the number of drilling
Effective improvement make wider interval of drilling; decreases the number of drilling, cut the time and costs.

Applicability for narrow working area
Small drilling machine is used for narrow working area.