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The NITTOC Construction was established over 70 years. Since starting dam foundation works as its initial job, we have been garnering immense praises as a contractor specialized in the soil related works such as Disaster Prevention and Environmental Conservation, Maintenance and Renovation, Urban Regeneration.

In recent years, huge disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, heavy rain occurred frequently in Japan, construction industry is required to respond the land strengthening and disaster mitigation. Moreover, on a global scale, there are many issues such as industrial waste reduction and stop using plastic which are aiming for energy conversion, CO2 reduction and environmental pollution countermeasures due to global warming countermeasures because of the climate change.

To solve those various tasks, we are going to strengthen our R&D and expand our business by develop new technologies, automation in construction and construction labor-saving, as well as training our engineers and promoting work system reform which are aim to operation efficiency using by productivity increased and ICT technology utilization.

It is our sincere desire to fulfill social corporate responsibilities basing on safety-emphasis oriented construction company following its corporate mission aiming for contributing security and safety national land construction through total combination of own technologies long cultivated in the field of foundation works and efficient management. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

We appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Yasuo Wada
President & Representative Director

Yasuo Wada President & Representative Director

Yasuo Wadai
President & Representative Director