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In 1938, the construction of Uryuu Dai-ichi Dam for a huge water reservoir with a reservoir capacity of 240 million cubic meters commenced at the foot of Mt. Taisetsu in Hokkaido.

The dam was a gravity type concrete structure 45.5 meters high and in order to lead the project to a successful completion, an extraordinary amount of energy was poured into improving existing techniques and technologies for the disposal of the breccia-conglomerate at the site of the foundation.

A variety of innovative technologies accumulated to date at Nittoc originated through this project.

1947 Company established in Hokkaido by Takuichi MATSUSHITA
1953 Renamed Yachiyo Chika Kogyo
1957 Headquarters relocated to Tokyo (Minato-ku)
1959 Renamed Nippon Tokushu Doboku Kogyo
1961 Headquarters relocated to Tokyo (Chuo-ku)
1962 Participated in Mendoza Electric Power Development Project in Argentina
1963 Completed Kurobe Dai-yon Dam Project
1964 Established representative office in Hong Kong(Made into a local subsidiary in the following year)
1967 Concluded business tie-up providing technical guidance in dam grouting and cooperated with local construction company in Taipei (Taiwan)
1971 Participated in the 12th Antarctic expedition project in Antarctica (Continued to work on a glacier investigation project in Antarctica, the North Pole and Himalayas until 1983)
1972 Established Nittoc Construction Co., Ltd. Participated in Parana Hydraulic Power Generation Development Project (Brazil)
1980 Participated in Agoyan Hydraulic Power Generation Development Project (Ecuador)
1985 Shares listed on 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Concluded business tie-up providing technical vegetation and slope protection with local construction company in Taipei (Taiwan)
1988 Established a local corporation to exploit mineral resource development in Queensland (Australia)
1989 Participated in Marsyangdi Hydroelectric Power Project (Nepal)
2003 Received ISO9001 certification in Japan
2005 Suspended international business activities
2012 Established international section under company Headquarters and recommenced international business activities Established representative office in Jakarta (Indonesia)
2013 Reorganized international section (Later formed into International Department)